MyBook Live Can't Connect

I have a

Linksys E3000

Win 7 x64

The light on the MyBook Live is Green and Blinking!

Any suggestions?

Any Help?

what IP is your router assigning to the MBL?  Is it set for static, or a reserved dhcp?

What happens when you type that IP into internet explorer?

The ip of the MyBook Live is , its not static!

When I go to that ip it says can’t be found!

Maybe a port is being blocked but I don’t know what port MBL is using!

The Green light in the front was blinking now its completely off!

I really need help!!!

same me thing I am try figure out

got the same problem

Unless there is a hardware fault the only reason the LED would be off is if the MyBool live has shut-down its operating system ready for the power plug to be removed from the wall.  Maybe try pulling the plug from the wall for 10 seconds and then powering it up again?