My book live cannot connect


I have been using MYBOOKLIVE for the last 6 months however randomly out of the blue, I now cannot connect to it.  I have checked my router and it doesn’t see it or issue it with an ip address.  The lights on the back are both showing green and the LED on the front of MyBookLive after pulling the power, goes from Amber to flashing green.  I have read the manuals which seem to suggest that the LED needs to be a solid green colour for it to have finished its initial setup, however it never seems to go solid green. 

I have also directly connected it to my PC to rule out the router same result.  I have pressed the reset button and still the same.  Any ideas, as it is driving me mad?


If the front light doesn’t change to Green, then the My Book is not booting up correctly.

Your drive is dead.  It is happeneing to MANY of us.  The replcement derives being sent out by WDC go dead within 24 hours (at least that is what happened in my case).  We are basicall SOL with these bricks.