My Book live won't connect

Hi All,

My MBL is connected directly to the router and when it boots, it gets all the way to a solid green light.

The router is reporting that something is connected to it’s port #1 but no dhcp activity is happening.

I have tried 2 different ethernet cables and each time the link lights look good.

I’ve also reset the MBl with the reset button after waiting 4 seconds.  Each time, no luck.

I can’t ping mybooklive and it’s MAC address is not showing up in any dhcp table.

All other network traffic is working fine from the router.

The MBL was working fine for a while and it was previously connecting to the network just fine.

Any ideas what may be wrong?

Hello, try connecting the My Book Live directly to the PC, access the Dashboard and assign a static IP.

How to configure a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo NAS drive with a Static IP 


I connected the ethernet cable directly to my computer.

Because my computer no longer had a dhcp server to connect to, it defaulted down to with a subnet of, no default gateway or dns.

After solid green light on the drive, I went to http://mybooklive with no result.

Also pinged mybooklive with no resolution of the name.

What would the IP address of the MBL be if it didn’t have a dhcp server to connect to ?

Your PC *and* your My Cloud should have defaulted to an address of 169.254.x.x with a mask of

If your PC “defaulted” to / I would assume it’s not using DHCP in the first place.

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Ah, I have my ip4 settings set to default to if it fails a dhcp check.  I’ll set it back to the defaults and let it pick a 169.254 based address and see if it can find the MBL after that.

Thanks for the hint.