Can't Connect My Book Live on new router

I switched internet providers and have a new modem and router. The internal IP sequence has changed. It was and is now The network lights on the back of the drive look correct (bottom solid green, upper light flashing green). The light in the front, however, is flashing green constantly. Attempts to connect with http://mybooklive repeatedly fail.

Ok. Your new router is using IP subnet instead of This shouldn’t matter (much) if you are using the router’s DHCP server to provide IP addresses - everything should be getting a 192.168.1.n IP address. But if you gave your MBL a static IP address, it is now unreachable. Did you give your MBL a static IP address? If not, maybe you just need to power it off and back on for it to request a new dynamic address.

The MBL default is to use dynamic IP addresses so I think a soft reset - poking a paper clip into the Reset hole in the back of the device for 5 seconds - should get you back in business. It will also reset your MBL Admin password (and your SSH password if you have enabled SSH) so make sure you know the default passwrd(s). Note that if you want to still have a static IP address on your MBL it will now have to be a 192.168.1.n address.

Alternatively, you may be able to configure your router to use the subnet. That might be a better way to go if your have a reason to use static IP addresses.You may have to reboot devices on your LAN in order for them to request and use the new addresses. And you will have to remember to reconfigure the subnet if you ever have to reset the router.

If you do not use a static IP address on your NAS and rebooting it did not get it working then I have no idea what is wrong. Does your MBL show up on your router? (I assume there is a way to display devices on the router.) If it shows your NAS then maybe you can try using its IP address rather than its name (mybooklive) when trying to access it.

If you open a run box or in explorer type in \ what happens? Does it bring up a login box or is it still unable to locate your MBL? If you open a browser and type in the same IP address: does it bring up the console? If so then your MBL is working. I ran into trouble on mine because the MBL software did not remove the old links but my MBL had changed its ip address so I had two shortcuts and one would work and one would not.

Good luck.

I’ve got it corrected. Thank you for your response.