My Book Live

I’m experiencing issues with my book live… currently connected to the network ie green lights flashing on the network connections, green led on the front is flashing but unable to connect via an IP address…

I have checked on the router and can see an entry as unknown but no ip address assigned… i looks like I need to refresh\ release what the device previously had… I have also tried to reset the device by holding the reset button down for 40 seconds and restarting…

Looking for other options to reset or to try and get into the config module\ screen within the device… any help would be much appreciated… thanks

If it’s connected to your router http://mybooklive should get you to the login page. You may have a slight wait for it to load up the page.

If this doesn’t work try connecting the MBL directly to a PC via cat5 cable then open a browser and enter the address http://mybooklive

BTW - The manual says 4 seconds not 40 for the reset button on the back. Seems to me 40 should work but give it a try at about 4 and see.