MyBook Live 3TB Stopped Working

I currently have the MyBook Live 3TB External Hard drive which i have been using for the last year or so with no problems at all.

Then all of a sudden last week The drive no longer loads / works.

When the drive is turned on the LED light blinks Blue initially before then turning Static Yellow.

I have tried everything i have read (tried different computers / macs, tried connecting directly by Ethernet rather than through my router etc) and nothing has worked.

I took the drive earlier this week to a local repair place who took the drive apart and attempted to access the data directly and backup to a new hard drive, although they then decided to advise me that the drive is encrypted and not accessable directly only through the WD data Encryption chip or something… This now means that the warrenty is now void.

To be honest i don’t care about the drive anymore all i want to do is get the data off the drive.

Does anyone know how i might be able to do this???

Any help would be very much apreciated as 99% of my digital Life is backed up on this drive!

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There are many threads on this community that show information on how to debrick the drive and recover the data.

You could try searching the boards.