Need Help with My book live data recovery

I have a 2tb mybook live that was stuck on the yellow light. The one with an Ethernet only.
Anyway, took it to a local computer repair store & they claim the board is bad
and they couldn’t pull data without the board because it is encrypted.
My question is, if this is true or not? From what I’ve seen online most mybooks
Can be put in an enclosure then run the Linux program to pull data. Nothing mentioned about encryption.
Any suggestions or help would be apreciated.

1st: Yellow clould mean a few things, please check the status of it on the manual for solid vs blink

2nd: Don’t go back to that shop, just the fact they told you the drive is encrypted, is enough, at least it would be for me. I would also doubt the board is bad.

And you are on the right track. These devices are Linux OS. So just mounting the drive on a Windows or Mac will not show the partitions/files. You need to install some software for it (see guide below). Hopefully they did not mess it up trying to mount/connect to the drive.

my .02 cents, your unit did not upgrade completely to a new firmware. You will have to unbrick it. Here is a guide, there are two versions, both mention on the guides.

And last, my favorite shared link! Backup, backup, backup

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