Mybook Live 2TB Hard Drive


My 2TB Mybook Live failed suddenly about 2-3 weeks ago, I tried everything I can but was not successful, so I took it to a Data recovery company. They put the hard drive into a clean room and recovered the data. 

However, the data on the drive is encrypted, so I put the cycle board in the case together with the drive (it is a new drive contains the recovered data). After I plugged in the network cable and the power cable, it just stayed in a stable green light(or yellow light? I cannot really see because the small light is very bright), and did not turned into a blinking green light. The drive setup software could not find the drive either. The drive contains lots of important data. Please advise what I should do next. 

I am also wondering where the master encrypt key is stored? The data recovery company still has my original drive. Should I ask it back? 

Please let me know if there is a company can help me.

Thanks a lot


If the data are encrypted, then something else is doing the encryption… The MBL does not encrypt data.