Unrecognised disk label



My MBL went to brick state during firmware upgrade session before, as for now, after turn on, it stuck on yellow light. I took out the drive, mount on usb port and try to access using ubuntu but not successful.  my print screen is as above, please help me to the data back. 



I do not have too much experience in Linux, hopefully someone else can jump in this thread and provide some tips for you.  

If the data is too valuable for you, I suggest you not to take the risk and send the drive to a professional data recovery service.

Diskinternals Linux Reader for Windows can read and copy data off a MyBookLive data partition if you remove the HDD from the MyBookLive Case and is absolutely FREE

See this thread for my original post

Also see my guide on how to remove the HDD from the MyBookLive case and unbrick using just Windows, a Live System Rescue CD and a thumbdrive

Hi nfodiz,

Thanks for your suggestion, i will try it later today. Thanks again