MBL Duo RAID 1 stuck on yellow LED will not boot

My MBL has a solid yellow led on the front and will not respond to power cycling or resetting.  I see several posts about the MBL having issues with the OS not loading and the resolution seems to be to replace it; however does anyone know if just the housing needs replaced or if the whole thing with new drives needs replaced?  In other words, will I still be able to get to my data?  Or is there some way of recovering the data and back up to a USB drive before replacing everything?  for instance, since it is a mirrored set, can’t I hook up one of the drives to a PC and read the data or is it some proprietary file format due to the RAID 1 configuration?  It does not give me a lot of confidence in this unit with as many problems as I see being discussed.  I will be calling WD tomorrow to resolve the issue.

Check if one of the links below help.