Mybook live stopped working

Suddenly my external hard drive stopped working.   The led light at the front, instead of being green or blue is not amber and flashes once every 10 seconds more or less.

Every time the light flashes there is this very soft “tung-tung” noise (it is not a clicking sound).

WD support said to do a power cycle and also to point at http://mybooklive.  The first one did not work and the second one did not work for obvious reasons: the drive never really boots up so it is not readable.

They offer to replace my drive but I have data in there that I want to keep.  Any suggestions on how to get the data out? (besides going to a data retrieval company?)

Thanks in advance,


I have tried a free software that you can click on the name, Is called Mini Tool Data Recovery,I used it on a drive connected via USB and it worked great recoverying my data.

Thanks for your reply.  But my Mybook Live doesn’t have a usb port, only ethernet.  Also, it is not booting up.  The light never turns green.


If the light never turns green then you may have a defective drive, I would recommend to call WD to replace it.

Well, that’s why I am posting here.  Because as I mentioned on the first post, I already called WD and they offered me to replace it.

The problem is I have valuable information and I was asking if anybody knows a solution besides going to a recovery data company.

I have not tested this software with a drive connected via ethernet, but since I understand the importance of your data I would like to know if at least you tried my advice.

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Hi Montana,

I tried, but the computer doesn’t see at all the software :frowning:

Thanks for checking though!