MyBook External HD is not being recognized by Windows10

Hi, I have a MyBook External HD (1T) that was working just fine till 2 days ago. All of a sudden it got disconnected from my HP computer. I checked the cables, changed the plug from one electrical outlet to another, switched it off the computer and the HD. Then started the computer and when it was fully running, I switched on the HD and connected to the computer. For few minutes it worked just fine, but then while I was running the dropbox back-up to make sure the files I have in the HD were safe, it got disconnected.

Today, I tried on another computer (Vaio, sony - windows 10) and for few seconds it was connected, but the system wanted to have th software installed in this computer and that was when the HD got disconnected.

I need to have it working to at least save all the files I have in there. So, can anyone help me in finding a solution, please?

Did you try replacing the unit’s USB cable and power adapter?

if you have external 3 years that maybe you meth have to change your my book.

I guess u updated windows?

I used the Mybook for maybe a year now without any issues. When i upgraded windows to 1711 i had the first time issues that the disk letter can not be assigned.
The disk installs normal but cant be opened at all. On other systems everything is fine. I guess Microsoft did something weird with the drivers! and unfortunatley u can not download any driver from the support page that is terrible.

How can we fix this. I having this issue right now

I could not fix it… I made a backup on a linux computer (there the MB was working without problems… then assigned the letter made a new partition and copied my stuff back.
Seriosly its just crab… funny is on my MB they stated its for win 10. on the new MBs I saw there was no win 10 anymore xD Really ■■■■■■ up Drive. Thanks WD for this expierience !

Good Luck for you. Maybe in the meantime there is another work around but in the past i could not find anything about it … WD could not help too, suprise suprise.