My WD mypassport essential 500 GB doesn't work on Windows 10

I have been using this external drive for many years. I have stored many videos and data in general and I use it as a backup system. Out of the blue my laptop running windows 10 stopped seeing its content. I can only see folders like extras, manuals, wd smartware.exe etc. If I double click the latter file I get an error message. It worked until a recent update of the operating system I assume. If I plugged it on my other computer with windows 7 or in my TV everything is fine!
I tried to update the driver with the same results.
What should I do? I cannot use it like that since my main computer is my laptop.


Have you tried updating the USB drivers for the laptop? Since you did an update on it, it might have changed something.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I updated it through windows 10 interface. Nothing changed.

Thank you for the answer. I do not need to since the disc works fine with windows 7 on my other computer. The problem is with windows 10