My WD Cloud Connection issues

I’m no longer able to connect to my wd cloud. At first I noticed a red light showing on the device. I reset it using both the short and 40 sec reset processes and ended up with a solid yellow light showing. It intermittently flashed yellow and on some occasions turns completely off. I’ve rebooted my router but still no luck. I had thought I’d reached a dead end until i noticed that mywdcloud is now showing as connected via my router via a different port but with no light on. However when i try and connect via the dashboard it appears to start loading but doesn’t finish. The device is also showing in my windows explorer “network” but when i try and open it it says the folder is empty.

Excuse the poor explanation. If anyone has any ideas I’d really appreciate it.

I’m running windows 10, I’ve had the WD cloud for over 3 years and not had a problem until now.

What are the rear lights doing?

The lowest light on the WD device is solid green, the upper one is intermittently flashing green. The light by the Ethernet port on the router is also intermittently flashing green.

I still cannot get mywdcloud up and running. When I try and logon using the WD devices IP address the page starts loading but only loads the WD logo. I can see the device on my network as a media device. When I open that the “twonky” page opens and I get the following message “Status, WDMyCloud, Version: 7.2.9-6, Videos: 0, Songs: 0Photos: 0, Activity Status: Not streaming, Rescan Content Folders - In Progress…” Any help will be much appreciated.