My PR4100 won't turn on

I powered down my NAS to replace my router. After, I tried powering it on and it wouldn’t start so I did a 4secs and 40secs restart and it started, however, it won’t read my 4TB x 4 disk. It says no drives installed. When it read the disk there would be this weird noise and then this error “Drive failed in Bay 1,2,3,4” showsup. I did resets again and now the NAS won’t turn on at all.

I bought a reader from Amazon to try and read my files off the disk. The disk starts up but Windows can’t detect the disk.

I’ve messaged Customer Service and they’ve asked me to purchase other cables to try and start it. Meanwhile this product is still under warranty. (purchased in May 2020)

Has anyone experienced this before and could help me at least retrieve my files? I won’t be using this product any longer. I just wasted my money and lost all my files.

It sounded like “screeching” until the NAS showed an error that the drives failed in all bays. I have been plugging back the cable with the hope that it would turn on but it doesn’t. The cable’s green light is on and when I tried to plug it on it sparked at the DC IN port. It completely dead now.

very late reply but if anyone else has this problem maybe this advice could help

sounds like your power supply (voltage at the dc jack) could be faulty, and maybe over-volted the nas? If you have a voltmeter, you could check the voltage of the DC jack coming from the power supply side to see if it corresponds with the output specifications which should be printed on the power supply brick.

you could also try place the drives in another external enclosure to see if they power on etc.

powering the nas from an unofficial power supply could void warranty, so that’s probably not an option, but if you don’t care about the warranty you could try find a substitute power supply with the same output specifications and dc jack type as a replacement rather than buying a whole new nas