My Passport Won't Open - Possible Crash HELPPPPPPP

So I’m a bit freaked out right now… My 6 month old “WD My Passport Ultra 1TB” drive got diconnected from my computer and when I immediatly re-connected the drive instead of it saying “My Passport” it showed Local Disk(F:) 

The bar at the top of the File Explorer just keeps loading and nothing happens. When I try to click and open it, it again just keeps loading and doesnt ever open it.

I’m freaking out because I have work I cant re do for clients who have already paid me… I feel so dumb for not having a backup right now. PLEASE PLEASE Any help right now would be great… I need those files back. 

Welcome to the Community.

Unfortunately it appears your hard drive became corrupted. Did you try searching online for a free data recovery application? You can also contact a specialized data recovery service.