Can´t access to my Drive Please HELP

I was transfering my archives from my Passport drive to another disc (Passport as well) using my computer, Suddently I got a mensage saying one of the documents was wrong and I have to choose skip or try again. I pick skip and ignore. Seconds after, the disc just stopped transfering the information and sent me a msg telling me something was wrong with a red “x” , so I disconect the disc to try again and since that moment the disc doesnt want to run again… it won´t open, I cant get my archives. Please help.


I believe the partition is corrupted. You can format the drive in order to use it again. This will delete all data from the drive but will also delete the corrupted partition.
If you wish to recover your files then try using a data recovery software before attempting to format the drive.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve had mine for some years now but after the first week when I bought it, the security lock won’t work. It just wouldn’t unlock. Now 4 years on, I need it again but it’s still same issue. I spent £100 or so on this so if anyone can help, that would be great!

When i connect it and the unlocker comes on, I enter the password and it still says its wrong despite it being right. I’ve entered it over 5 times and i don’t even get the reset option.

ANy advice?