WD My Passport 1TB - cant access the drive


When i plug my hard drive into any PC it tells me that ‘theres a problem with drive, click to fix the problem’. When i click it it tells me the drive cant be accessed. When i access the drive via my computer it also says ‘is not accessible’. When I click properties it shows that there are no documents, however when I scan for viruses it checks all my documents and files.

Before this started I think a message flashed up about a corrupt file in the recycle bin. Unfortunately this message only flashed up and I didnt have chance to read it fully.

The documents are very important. Can anyone please advice how I can access them? Any help is greatly appreciated


Seems like a corrupted partition.  It may be possible to still extract the data utilizing data recovery software. There are several kinds of Data Recovery software available. If you do a  web search for  Data Recovery  it will yield plenty of data recovery software options.