My Passport Wirelss Pro All Lights Flashing


I have a Wireless Pro and when I turn it on all lights flash rapidly after about 30 seconds. I cannot see the drive wirelessly or when I plug in into my PC with a USB cable.

Please help. Lot’s of family photos are stored on here form a recent trip.


This is a common ailment, so search the forum for the cure. It needs to be reset/restored to defaults.


Thanks Mike. I’ve had a look through the old posts. I’ve tied a reset holding down the two buttons for 10 seconds and the unit eventually goes back to all lights flashing quickly. I have also tried a firmware upgrade via SD card and that doesn’t work either. If you or anyone else has some other suggestions that would be great.


See this link


i have some problem - may be have any otheк idea how to restore fw?
i try to reflash from SD, from USB, from UART ttl telnet


I have the same problem as yours. All led lights keep flashing after 30secs. Have you sorted your WD My passport already? I will try to contact the support team in the next couple of days.