All blue light blink and no WIFI

Hi to all, when I turn on My Passport Wireless Pro fully charged, after around 10 sec all lights blink at the same time and there is no WIFI connection.

I tried to factory reset by pressing both sd and power buttons for more then 10 sec several times, I tried to update the firmware form the sd card but nothing works and because there is no WIFI connection I can’t go to the settings browser !

What should I do, can I format the WDPWP and install the OS again and where can I download the software and instruction to do so please.

thank you and best regards

It appears you did the reset properly. Now, try this: move your device a few feet away from any other electronic devices and start it up. Sometimes there can be strong interference from other devices. Do NOT reformat the device; that will not help. If this doesn’t help contact WD Support.