My Passport Wireless Pro not turning or and not showing anything on pc

So, my dad bought an Passport wireless pro like 2 years ago, but it hasnt been working since 2020.
Was wondering what could be wrong, it doesnt turn on, when plugging the data cable in, nothing shows up in my computer. He has only used it max 4 times, and then complained someday it doesnt turn on.
Any tips on what to do?

I think it won’t work right with a completely dead battery.

Plug it in using the power brick and waiting an hour.

It should charge while plugged into USB, however. I would have thought that it should show up as a standard USB external HDD. If the battery was completely dead - - → the power draw might be higher than a standard USB port can supply - - → A powered USB hub might solve that problem)

Note that all of these are guesses. Good Luck.

still nothing, tried resetting the device, but it just flashes every led. Can’t connect to the wifi to use it and tried a new software update also… still nothing. This problem has been for 2 years and i dont know how to fix it…

also tried it connecting to the pc and it wasnt even recognizing it on my pc, just said faulty usb

Yeah - - - that doesn’t sound good. I am not sure what can be done to save the unit. (Short of starting to replace internal parts. . . but I that would likely require a de-bricking procedure. . . which I have never seen for these devices.)

There are so many reasons that can cause "WD passport not showing up Windows 10"chaos.

Here are some major reasons:

  • A damaged USB hub or faulted USB cable can cause the issue.
  • You may face the issue if you don’t assign a drive letter to a WD passport drive.
  • Outdated WD drive driver might be causing the chaos you’re struggling with.
  • Faulty Universal USB controllers can also be the culprits behind the whole fuss.

### Plug WD passport into another USB port

You can try changing the port to prevent the “WD passport not showing up” problem. Sometimes, the port gets damaged and ends up causing the issue you’re currently facing.

Here’s how to change your port.

Step 1: After taking out the WD passport, you’ll need to clean other ports you’re looking to use.

Step 2: Now, you’ll need to plug your hard drive to port and check whether this tricks or not.
### Replace the USB cable with a spare one

If the “WD passport not showing up Windows 10” problem persists, you can try changing your USB despite changing the port. Sometimes, the USB cables become a fault, and your PC denies detecting it.

After changing your USB, you need to try if your PC detects the WD my passport. If it doesn’t detect, you need to move on to the next solution.

### Run Device and Hardware Troubleshooter

If you’re still struggling with the same issue, you can try opening and running Hard and Device Troubleshooter. Doing so helps you detect any issue that is the main culprit behind the fuss.

For this, you can navigate to start search and access the hard and device troubleshooter. Moreover, you can find the tool through Windows 10 settings troubleshooter page.

Try the cables. . . .

. . .but the blinking LED’s are indicative of a drive failure (i.e. device is failing to boot)

With a proper prying tool and a careful approach, opening the box and replacing the hdd is not overly complicated. A wd blue ssd, or just an old laptop hdd and a reflash of firmware from an sd card, may resurrect it. Guidelines on how-to can be found in other threads on this forum…