My passport ultra not recognized in usb 3.0 ports

Guys, I need some help here.
I just have my new pc build and I wanted to connect my passport ultra to the pc. All 2 USB 2.0 ports in my pc have been used by my mouse and keyboard, so I have to connect it to my remaining usb 3.0 ports. My passport ultra has the USB 3.0 connector, I tested it on my laptop that has the usb 2.0 ports and it worked perfectly. However, when i connect it to my pc with usb 3.0 ports, notification popped up showing that my device is not recognized.
I have updated all usb controllers to the latest version and restarted the pc but still doesn’t work.

Please help! Thank you!

Hi lee123123,

You can follow the steps provided in below article to check, how My Passport Ultra is showing in Disk Management.


Might be there is an issue with the USB, i would suggest you to try Check Disk command to see if there is any problem with the device.


You may interchange the USB connection for hard drive and mouse. You can also check your Passport ultra with another PC.

But if the problem still persists then maybe you have a faulty USB Port.