MY Passport Ultra not recognised by Win 1, Mac or Linux

My Passport 1tb does not show up on Win 10, Mac or linux computers. Was working on Mac but just stopped being recognized. Got it to work briefly on linux and formatted it for NTFS but again it is not being recognized by any machine. Tried different ports and different cable. My other passport ultra works just fine. The not working one shows up in Devices on Win 10 but only to be removed. It also shows up in Hidden Icons Win10 but again only to be removed. Does not show up in file explorer. The light stays on solid and I hear no noises from it. Anyone have any ideas. My 3yr warranty is up in Nov.

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i also have the same problem like this. can anybody give the solution? really urgent

I called Western Digital customer support and explained my problem and they said it was defective and I am returning it for a replacement