My Passport Ultra for Mac doesn't work on Windows or Linux

In Windows, the computer recognize the device but I can’t open the external drive with the system file (from a folder). Same in Linux but it opens a folder with two files for installing software on Windows and Mac. I used the Windows one but it still doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @kvothe838,

There could be a few reasons why the drive is not showing up under Computer. The drive itself could have failed, the partition on the drive may be damaged, the data cable may no longer be good, or the drive may no longer be getting enough power to fully spin up.

If the drive is getting detected, I request you to test the drive health status through WD Drive Utilities .

Link: [How to install WD Security & WD Drive Utilities]

Hi @Neha_07 . I’ve already done that and Drive Utilities tells me everything is OK.

What filesystem is your external drive?

We regret to inform you that drive is not tested with Linux OS.

The My Passport drive is a plug-and-play drive with the NTFS file format.

Ok, but I’m trying to use it on Windows and it’s not working either.

I don’t know, I guess it has the default fs. I didn’t format it.