New passport ultra not showing up

I just bought a Passport ultra and I cannot seem to find it on my PC or Macbook when i plug it in. It does not show up on the disk at all.

Hi @caecilia_Hellemann, I’ve seen this before with my system. I’d recommend trying the following:

Check the Disk Management utility on Windows, or Disk Utility on Mac, and see if it physically sees the disk. If not make sure the USB cable is firmly inserted into your drive. Try wiggling it around and push it in. Sometimes they don’t make the proper contacts. If you have a spare USB cable (e.g. from your Mobile Phone), try using that.
If the computer does see the disk, check the format on it (NTFS for Windows, OS X Extended for Mac) or possibly format it to the default your OS recognises. If you want something cross-compatible, try exFAT as both systems can use that.

If nothing works, it might be best to return or exchange it, or contact WD Support for warranty services.