Mmy passport ultra not recognized windows

My Passport Ultra 4T is not recognized in Windows 10 either. I ran the WD Drive Utilities and everything checks out. SMART status passed and Quick Drive Test passed(but shows 0 GB) . I There is no drive listed in File Explorer. WD driver is listed out in the Computer Management and I ran update driver. I even changed couple of USB cable. Power is there ,light is blinking, and inside motor is rotating. I just have no way to access the data on the drive.

No problems with thumb drives, my computer recognizes all of them. Please help me resolve the issue

Thanks in advance,

Check Disk Management.
You can get to it by opening the Start menu and searching for “dskmgmt”. The program will list all of your drives & their partitions, including ones that may not be visible in File Explorer. See if your Passport is listed there. If it is, does it have a letter assigned to it (like D: or F:)? What color is it (blue, black, etc.)?

Here’s what the program looks like in case you’re unfamiliar: