MY passport ultra help

Just bought the WD My passport ultra 2Tb Hd, i transfered all my photos from my laptop on the HD when i was finished i went to safely remove HD clicked on it and a message appeared telling me it was safe to removed the HD from the laptop but the white LED activity light will not go out is this normal or does the light need to be out before removing the HD safely?

Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

Make sure there is no window open that leads to the My Passport unit, sometimes if you still have a windows that directs to the unit open wont let you safely remove. Also make sure there is no application’s runing a file from the Passport sometimes this also prevents the unit to be ejected.

Hope this helps you out.

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Thanks for your reply, can you explaine what you mean by window open, ?

Sure, for example sometimes i try to safely remove a USB flash drive and at that moment i would have been copying information to it or from it and i leave the windows explorer window open, this can cause the drive not being able to be ejected in some cases.

It might also be your AV scanning the new files.


This is starting to annoy me, this is this only external HD that will not let me remove it from the computer, i have three other HD and can remove them safely without any issues, so as no windows are opened what can be stopping this from being removed safely, please help.