My Passport not recognized by WD Backup or SmartWare as Target


Windows recognizes My passport drive, I have done the updates from the WD site and eventhought my computer identifies and reads the drive the WD software cant identify My Passport as a target…it will read it as a drive I could back up but not as a target…beyond frustrated, thinking I should return this…help!

Hi eduardof2000,

You can refer to the link given below to know how to use WD Backup.

This doesn’t solve the problem I mentioned…I can install WD backup, it even sees my passport drive as if I wanted to back it up BUT it doesn’t recognize my passport as the device to back up TO…help

I have the same problem. I think it is as a result of recent windows 10 update but there does not appear to be a software update available from WD

Hi eduardof2000,

You can refer to the link mentioned below in order to resolve the issue with WD Backup.

Thanks for the clarification