WD software not recognizing My Passport

I just bought a brand new 2TB My Passport drive for a Windows 10 computer. The computer has the latest Windows 10 updates. Plugged in the My Passport drive and loaded the WD software. I was prompted to update the software to the current versions. Once this was done I was able to complete my first backup with no issues. A few hours after this my computer went into sleep mode with the drive still attached. I woke the computer only to discover the WD software (Backup, Discovery, Drive Utilities) would not recognize the My Passport drive. The drive is being recognized by the computer and assigned letter E. Windows would not let me eject the hard drive so did a compete shut down to be safe. Once restarted I plugged the drive back in. Once again, the computer recognized the drive but the WD software still acted as though no drive was plugged in. Opened the drive, clicked on WD Security and entered the password I had created during setup. Received a confirmation the drive was unlocked yet still not being recognized by the WD software. I also noticed the backup folders were missing.

I shut down the computer again, restarted, and plugged the drive into another USB port. It was still being recognized by the computer only this time assigned drive letter F but still not recognized by the WD software. I opened the drive and this time my backup folders were visible.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on here and how I can correct this?

Can you post a screen shot of WD Discovery > Storage Tab and Windows Explorer > My Computer (in the same screen shot).

Thanks for the reply HolyHarp,

I called tech support earlier today. It was suggested I uninstall all the WD software from my computer and reinstall it from the website. In addition to doing this I also disabled the password protection I was using through WD Security. I could be wrong but it appeared to me this might’ve been causing the issues I was having with the software not recognizing the drive. No matter how many times I received confirmation my drive was unlocked I still had issues accessing it. With the software downloaded from the website and disabling WD Security I’ve had no repeat of the problems I initially reported.