Cannot detect WD product

I just got my WD passport and for some reason when I run the backup it cannot detect any WD device. I’m probably doing something dumb but I can’t figure it out. I can run the utility and security apps but not the backup app


What backup software are you using?

I have the same problem. My computer is using Windows 10 and my WD Passport is connected using a USB. I can view the Passport with File Explorer, but when I run WD Backup Setup indicating I want to Back up Files, it indicates that “No backup targets found”. This is happening on the “Select your WD Storage device” screen. What’s wrong?

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Additionally, my WD Passport is not recognized when I use “WD Apps Setup” and indicate I want to “Back up files with WD Backup.” The “Set security” and “Manage your drive” options work, but not the “Back up the files” option.