My Passport not mounting

I bought five months ago 1tb My Passport from Western Digital. I’m using Mac (Snow Leopard).

Two days ago my iTunes stopped working so I plugged the hard drive out without safely ejecting it and when I tried inserting it again, the hard drive didn’t mount. It’s not showing up on Finder and not on Disk Utility, although the white light on the hard drive is blinking (not continuously but  alternately, meaning ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF…).

I tried 6 date recovery programs (Disk Drill, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery…) but all of them didn’t recognize the hard drive.

What should I do? I don’t care about the hard drive itself because I can return it and get a new one but I do want some date recovered from it (mainly 500GB of music).


Try connecting to another computer ( preferably windows )

update the firmware if possible 

Drive sounds normal? Powers on, calibrates and idles?

Any unusual sounds?