My Passport Essential SE 1 TB External hard drive usb cable problems


i just got my My Passport Essential SE 1 TB External hard drive about 2 weeks ago. It has work great until today. For some reason the hard drive stopped responding and we i tryed re-connecting the usb cable to my port notihng happens. However, when i put downward pressure on the mini-usb side of the cable the white light on the side comes on. Does anyone have a clue as to what is wrong. There is some very important data on my hard disk and i would like to at least get it back.

try a new usb port or cable

same as million of users in this world ,i bought the wd passport 1 tb ,and after 2 weeks it is not recognized anymore,ive tried all the tricks and the possible ways to get recognition and still not,ive tried another new cable ,another many computers and still not,light is still on and working properly ,ive tried all the registery matters and plugging on many ports and many connectors,still no benefit ,i dont know ,still i have my last hope is the 12 pin connector ,iam sure that the wd community know how and don wana talk,plz any body can help post and reply me back or email here

I am in the same boat, all my music, pictures and all my autocad backup is on my 1TB passport.


WD is sending me a new cable but i dont think that will help. I think its the mini usb side. The light does not go one when i plus the usb cable into my computer. It only goes on once i apply pressure on the mini usb side (i.e. the side where the cable meets the external hard drive) i will keep everyone posted on what happens once i get the new cable.