My Passport Essential SE 1 TB - Broken?

I just got a 1 TB My Passport Essential SE about 1,5 month ago. Wanted to use it for moving data between my desktop and laptop + as an extra backup for my images.

But i never got to do more than move some data to it, it has been sitting on my desk, next to my PC. Last night i moved some data to it, when i wanted to use it this morning, it didn’t show up anymore.

When connecting it to the USB port, the drive spins-up, no weird clicking noises or anything. The drive keeps spinning, but the white status light never turns on - and Windows doesn’t detect the disc. It doesn’t show up in Disk Manager neither does the USB ports detect anything connected to them. I have tried different PC’s, and 2-3 different ports on both of them, same result.

I read a lot of people have problems with the cable, but could this be the case when the drive powers up and is spinning just fine? The cable has been plugged into my desktop a maximum of 20 times, haven’t been bend and neither the drive or the cable has been dropped or exposed to any kind of shocks.

hi, you could try a different usb cable to see if its the cable, sometimes the connection betweein the cable and the hdd is not good enought. This also can happen to any device that you plugged via usb


even i have the same problem.

i even tried a different cable.

no results.

wat to do?

eightonefive wrote:

190 views on this subject yet not one person from customer support bothers to answer.  WD really dropped the ball on this drive. it’s not the freaking cable, it’s the terrible firmware. mine does the same thing and works fine without touching the cable, it just requires me to reinstall the drivers so windows recognizes it EACH AND EVERY TIME

Didn’t you read the section that says that this is a forum for users? Why are you expecting WD to answer :dizzy_face:

My Passport works fine, have you tried a firmware update? Have you tried another computer? Windows is the one who asks drivers so are you sure the computer is NOT the problem? I have had my computer ask me for the drivers of my sound card each time I restarted the computer until I reainstalled the OS. Have you tried a different OS just to test?

And if you want to talk to WD, why don’t you call them? I could be a bad drive also.

Sometimes it’s a power problem on USB powered drives. A lot of computers use barely adequet power supplies. They do make a power booster cable try customer service.


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