WD my passport essential 320gb stopped working , please help

Looking for some help with my western digital passport essential 320 GB, which has just stopped working.

When I plug in the hard drive the light shows up and my computer says it’s working properly, but nothing shows up and I can’t access any of my work.

After taking a look around online, I can across what this may be, some one said that it may be a case of the logic board not working and needing to be replaced, if that’s so is it possible to do yourself, what would I need?

Any advice of this would be helpful and if you need anymore information just ask


Try these steps (if you can see your drive on disk manager) I mentioned here. If not, return to this post and update your findings.


Mabikay - SLK

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thanks, will give it a go asap and get back to you

Apology for butting in here cannot for life of me find the “new” to post my message. Got to be 80 to appreciate this kind frustration. Just took home 320 GB USB external and have not a clue if I am ready to back up or not. I think I set up but got some kind of error msg. about IE9 in relation to setup. Please someone give me specific steps follow so I know I ham backed up. I have already had to recover twice withou backup and really frustrated… Please help and again apology to community for not posting correctly


Look at the top right under sign in box.


hey cheers for the advice but its no good.

basicly it made a loud sound so i unpluged it and later when i pluged it in i got the light flashing, and my computer made the standard sounds when connecting something, but only this time, no folders came up and the hard drive was completely quite inside.

Also went pc world today, to try get the data recoverd, but he said he wasnt able to do it.

If the drive is not spinning, you have either connection problem or faulty hardware. Try different PC or connections. If you suspect a hardware issue, please contact WD for warranty replacement. Recovery of data on Passport Essential is considered difficult. I am sorry, I cannot be more helpful if your drive suffers from a hardware fault.

Mabikay - SLK