My passport appears on PC but not on Mac

Yes, there is another topic regarding this, but the solution did not work for me.

I have always used my WD My Passport with my mac.

As I was using it with another Mac, it froze, couldnt be safely ejected, and then after removing from port, it no longer appears on any mac (I’ve tried it with several).

It also does not appear in Disk Utility. The light is blinking and the drive is spinning. I have also tried with other cables.

Now, when I took it to a repair shop, the repairer simply asked “what’s wrong with it??” as he plugged it into his PC and saw all my files there…

I bring it home to my mac. Still nothing.

Please help!


What is the file system on the drive? 

My recommendation on this case is to take the information out of the drive and reformat the unit to make it compatible with both systems.

See if the following link helps.