My Passport 4TB Clicking Sound

Hello, I am using My Passport 4TB external drive for a while (very lightly) but only for backups. I put the important stuff on it, then take it off and shelve it. I have noticed after buying it that the cable was pretty sensitive. I would have to plug it into the USB port (USB3) and not make the slightest move near it. That worked out fine for more than a year.

During the year I have encountered a single disconnect. Also, one time I have connected the drive and it did not show up. So, I restarted my laptop, and it showed up. Also, two times (separate dates) after connecting the cable the drive would spin up but the LED was not showing at all. In those two times, I have disconnected the cable and reconnected it and the drive worked fine after that.

Today, I have connected it, and it connected and showed up. Then, when I tried transferring a large file, I heard several loud clicks or ticks (5-10 seconds apart), then it got disconnected. I re-plugged it, and it did the same thing, more clicks and a disconnect.

So, I went and grabbed my “My Book” drive cable, connected it to my My Passport drive and it showed up. I have been transferring files on it for more than 2 hours without clicks/disconnections/any other issues.

Am I right to assume that the problem I was receiving is caused by a faulty USB cable? Note that I am using the one that came with the drive and directly into my USB(USB3) port. Though, I am a bit worried since I cannot replace this drive at the moment. Should I be worried or just I just blame it on a faulty cable? What do you guys think?

Thanks for your time.

Edit: I forgot to say, I do not know if I am obsessing, but it seems that after connecting the drive, and it shows on my laptop, the LED flashes for around 30+ seconds without me doing any activity. I can browse to my files no problem. Though, is it supposed to flash while I am not going through any files. It stops after 30+ seconds.

After more than an hour of stress using the drive, I had the ticks back again. Though, the drive did not disconnect this time. Unplugging and replugging the drive on and doing more tests. I am using this laptop drive for more than 5 years. Could a USB port deteriorate over time and failing to provide the drive with the needed power?

the next thing to test is trying on a different laptop/pc in case it’s an issue with your laptop supplying power to the usbs ports.

i’ve got a powered usb hub … and if i forget to turn the power on

all portable drives will start clicking … because they’re not getting enough power. i soon as i switch on the power to the usb hub, clicking stops.