Problem with WD My Passport Connected to Monitor's USB Port

I have a 4TB WD My Passport External Drive that I use to backup my Windows 10 PC plus another USB-attached WD My Passport Ultra External Drive.

I have both external drives connected to my monitor’s USB port, which works great. However, if I sleep my PC AND turn off the power switch to the monitor (so the annoying yellow LED on the monitor won’t shine all night), the WD drives make a continuous clicking sound. Anybody know why it’s doing that, if it is dangerous to the integrity of the drive, and whether there’s a way to sleep my laptop and turn off the monitor without causing this issue?


Hi Susan_Molnar,

Does your hard drive makes the clicking sound only when the computer is in sleep mode?

It makes that sound whenever I turn off the monitor to which the drives are attached via USB. So, for example, if I wanted to just use my laptop’s monitor & didn’t want to have the external monitor on.

Hi Susan_Molnar,

Try to connect the drive with any other computer and check if it shows the same behaviour.