My MBL 2Gb stopped working. Shows white light only, never becomes green

My MBL 2Gb NAS stopped working after about 3 weeks of use. It shows the white light only, never goes to green, and is not visible on the network anymore.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi, I had the same problem over the last few weeks. My Drive is connected to a router and obtains an IP from the router but the operating system on the Drive doesn’t seem to complete its start up procedure and as such the LED light stays white. I spoke to WD support and they advised to plug the MyBookLive directed into the ethernet port of the computer and see if it responded. It did not. They suggested that a recent firmware update may have caused the problem and there is no fix. Have you recently done a firmware update ? If so it could be the same problem. If you haven’t already done so register the product on the WD Support portal and confirm the Warranty period. If it is still under warranty take it back to the retailer and see if they will replace it. I am about to do the same with mine. The problem with this is that all of the data on the disk is supposedly still there. Who knows whether someone will be able to access it at some point down the track.