Problem MBL 2tb; white light / flashing green light


I’m using My book Live for about 2 years now.

Since 2 weeks i have a problem; MBL starts with a bleu ligt for about 3 seconds then it turns white. The white light last for about 1 day then it turns in a green flashing light. The MBL is offline.

Restart or Reset the MBL is not possible.

Can anybody help me please.

Gr. Bart


Have you tried accessing the drive from a different computer on the same network ?

You sure it is white? Check the manual to see what the different LED colors mean.

Why you cannot reset? It might be what is needed. Software reset that is, check manual as well for what the two options are for it.

Sorry, by a closer look the light is first yellow.

So, first about a day yellow light and then a flashing green light.

Can you help me?

Hi. I have this problem from one day to another, without previous advice, some months after the guarantee finalization. I have opened a support case to WD, and they closed it without answer. Finally, I searched throughfully into the web and solved the problem by following the instructions in this page:

In addition, I have got to connect directly the drive to my computer with an ethernet cable, without the router, and restart it several times.

Too bad that if you’re not a technical person, there are chances you will have no idea of how to connect to your drive with ssh, etc. (this is a product sold in malls and supermarkets to any person without technical knowledge).