MBL only works when directly connected to PC

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing a problem with my 2TB MBL NAS, and it’s driving me crazy.

What’s happening is that the blue LED signaling standby mode isn’t on. I checked the forum and found another message with a similar issue with the LED, but the poster says it works normally.

When I turn my MBL on, it boots up as expected, turns on the blue LED and then turns on the green light, as if it was saying it is ready. Normally, it would then proceed to turn on the blue light to indicate standby mode, but what it does is that it turns the light off and doesn’t answer any calls from any computer in my network and remains like that.

The only way in which I can contact it is by plugging it in directly to my computer (bypassing my router) and typing \mybooklive\ in Windows.

I’ve already done a full factory restore AND updated its firmware to the latest version. What’s going on? If this keeps up, my MBL would be nearly useless for what I bought it (twonky and file sharing in my LAN).

Please help me!

OK, I’ve managed to gain SSH access to my MBL, and played with the LED colors. I’ve found out that the red light isn’t working, which might explain what’s going on. This worries me, since I suspect that the “no light” condition that the MBL was presenting is in fact the MBL glowing a red light.

The UI is extremely slow, but with a little bit of patience I’ve managed to get to it and enable SSH.

I’m now trying to do a full factory restore. I’ll be informing of whatever happens next.

Full factory restore did the trick.

After restoring the device, it now enters into sleep mode! Everything works OK, but sadly I don’t have a red light anymore.

That also means no white!

The good thing is that red is the color I want the least in my MBL, because blue and green cover all my needs.

If the LED is not producing the correct colors to indicate correct status - or never producing certain status colors - for example RED when you unplug the network cable, White when you update firmware, Yellow during boot, etc - that sounds like defective hardware - and I would think you could get it replaced because it should have a 3 year warranty.