My files in wd passport doesn't show up


I have 1TB wd passports I had many files stored in it but now they do not show up when I open it but when I check the size it shows that the files are still there






Are the files not showing on the software but show on the drive?

If that’s the case its normal, the software will only show files that have been backed up with it. Other files that are manually transferred to the drive will show on the drive itself.

If the files are not showing on the drive even when the capacity shows they’re there… the drive is corrupted and you’ll need a recovery software to retrieve the files

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Try changing the setting so you can see hidden files.


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thank u very much for your help but the drive is not corrupted i just bought it befor to months ago and when i enter it to anther lptop to copy some file it asked my to install its software i install them but when i open drive the files where gone like they are hiden or somthing

I copied other file to the drive to see if its working but it was fine like nothing happened



the problem not from hidden files option and u can see hidden files 

Try a specific file search using the windows explorer.

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thank u it really works but how i can display them on the drive 

thank you very much for everyone help

it was hiden as protected operation system files

I just started having the same problem.  The search for a particular file did not work.  I ran check disk and the drive apears to be ok.  Properties shows that the drive has data, I just cannot see or accesss it.  Any suggestions?

Try the link.