WD my passport stopped showing folders!

So, yesterday when I plugged in my (WD My passport Gigabytes (P/N WDBACY5000ABK-01) USB 3.00) it showed how much was used from its data as usual in the file explorer. However, when I opened it, it only showed a couple of programs (.exe files) that were there on it. But it didn’t show the folders or any files inside them. The weird thing is that I am able to find any specific file I search using windows regular search bar. This never happened before. Please help.

P:S: I checked if the files were hidden, and I plugged it in in like different three laptops all running windows 7 and still the same problems. 

Really appreciate your help guys :slight_smile:

Looks like there is a file corruption issue.

In this case we recommend to retrieve the data, test and reformat the hard drive.

To test the drive:


To Format:


Sorry I haven’t checked this post back in a while.

First, thank you very much for offering help. I have discovered one more thing. When I plugged it into a laptop running Ubuntu, everything was working fine (folders showing, no problem). However, when I re-plugged it in again to my windows machine, it still did not show the folders. (P:S. I just ran the diagnostics you mentioned in your comments, these were the results. However, the problem still exists !!!) And I cannot just format it because I’ll lose all my 500 GIGs of data !!! Please help :’(

Hi Gohary936,

It seem that the files are hidden, you should be able to see them if you follow the steps from the link below. 


They’re not hidden . I checked that for sure before posting here :confused: The problem presists…

Since Linux is not an approved system there could be some type of corruption problem from using in both Windows and Linux. I would suggest coping the data off the drive while you can before trying anything. Something like TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk might fix the corruption issue. I have seen similar posts from people using the drive on different versions of Windows. I suspect it may be something related to the format properties like cluster size,