My Cloud wireless connection


I’m trying to get my My Cloud to connect to my WIFI wirelessly - something that the help section on the dashboard suggests is possible:

However I can’t find the column listing the networks that is described in point 4. Can anyone help?



Could you provide more details on what you are trying to do? Normally when you connect the Unit to the router and the router has wireless signal, the unit should appear on your network.

If you are trying to connect your My Cloud to your network via wifi I don’t believe that is possible. As far as I know the only way to connect your My Cloud is via ethernet to your router.

I agree with above, so we need to see the next step instructions you are referring to,

Thanks everyone.

I am trying to connect my My Cloud drive to my WIFI network wirelessly - i.e. seeing the router without connecting via ethernet (so that I can put the drive somewhere else in the house other than next to the router).

When I searched this in my desktop MyCloud help section, I got the instructions that I posted at the top of the thread (if you can’t see this for some reason, here’s an attempt at a repost

This definitely suggests that connection to the WIFI without an ethernet cable should be possible?


Which model of My Cloud do you have? This is the 1st time I have seen anything suggesting a wifi connection between My Cloud and router. I don’t see any such instructions for my EX2 Ultra.

Sorry, I’m not sure - sounds stupid but there was no info in the box it arrived in. It’s just the standard 2TB My Cloud (approx £80).

Think I’ll just contact the WD support and see if they can help.

This is something I have been trying to do since I got my My Cloud EX2.
I’ve been connected to it on my main computer with an ethernet cable, and have been able to connect and use it with windows explorer, no issues, works great.

My problem is I wasn’t able to connect to it using my laptop wirelessly, even though it is on the same network. The laptop can see the drive, but would not connect to it.

I finally got it working tonight!

Here is what I did:

  • installed the WD Access
  • went to “Upload files”
  • a window pops up asking for login details, entered them
  • then uploaded a file
  • after that, I was able to open the directory using windows explorer

It would have been nice if when trying to use Open, BEFORE using Upload files, it would ask you for your login, rather than just saying you don’t have permission…


You can download complete user manuals for WD devices at in support area.