Is it not possible to connect WD My Cloud to the wireless network?


just bought a WD My Cloud 2TB. I have managed to set it up, I have transferred files and I have also managed to set up Mac Time Machine for back-up (and performed the first back-up).

But; how do I connect to My Cloud without the ethernet cable? I am only able to connect to My Cloud as long as it is connected to the router with the ethernet cable. I cannot find any settings for how to do this and cannot find any info about this.

I was planning to put My Cloud in a book shelf in the attic, but I cannot do that as long as I need the ethernet cable.

Please help a My Cloud rookie! :slight_smile:


My Cloud does not have wireless capability.

I assumed that was the explanation!

Back to the store; it was bought as wireless…

Thanks for the swift reply!


Don’t be so hasty…

Have you considered power line Ethernet, or WiFi Ethernet bridge? They can be pretty cheap these days.

Can you find a wireless access NAS?

Can you not route some Cat5e cable? It’s cheap…