My Cloud Home connectivity without a router

I moved to an apartment complex with WAP connectivity to the internet. Before i used my own wireless router/cable modem and attached my WD Cloud Home drive to the router (just as designed). However, now I need to use my Mac’s WiFi connection to the WAP for connectivity which leaves me no place to connect my WD NAS into.

Any suggestions on how I can setup a direct connection from my Mac to the MyCloud Home device via the Ethernet jack? I really only want my TimeMachine backups on the NAS and not interested in the full remote access capabilities of the drive.


Hi @mr_mize,

My cloud devices are personal cloud storage. Our WD cloud devices is basically designed to work with network.

Please refer below link to check more information of time machin back up: How To Start Time Machine Backups Over SMB in macOS Sierra 10.12 and Higher

Hope it helps!!