Need help - connecting My Cloud Home to private home network

I’ve just purchased a new My Cloud Home(WDBVXC0030HWT).
I want to use it as an internal storage device for computers on my home network(network drive). Can I set up the device without connecting to WD site(, that is without internet connectivity?

My home computers are connected via a router.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ramy, you can access your drive without internet connection and use your MCH as simple network drive. Attach your drive on your router, find its IP address and connect it on your pc or phone:
from ThisPC on windows, using menu, you could attach a new network drive; follow the procedure (very simple)
from your android (phone or TV; i don’t have an ios phone), open a file explorer with local network access and attach your network drive (procedure depend of your file explorer)

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