My Cloud; Upgrading 2T to 4Tb HD. imposible to connect

I took my Cloud 2Tb, model# WDBCTL0020HWT-00, took the HD from inside and took the new HD 4Tb, and connect both to my PC (direct SATA connectors ). Using ACRONIS True Image I clone the 2Tb HD to the 4Tb HD, take more than 1 hour to complete, after that, I set up the new HD, connect my LAN cable and powered. Trying to access from local I.P and no access. Neither true the Desktop App.
Looks like the controller doesn’t recognize the new HD, even is a CLONE.
What is the solution for this?

Don’t try to “clone” the old drive to the new one. Rather run one of the various unbrick methods to configure the new empty drive properly and push the firmware to it. User Fox_Exe has a set of directions that work well for replacing a hard drive on a first gen single bay My Cloud. I’ve used it several times successfully to replace the hard drive of a first gen My Cloud.

The firmware file (either v3.x or v4.x) that is used during those unbrick steps can be found at this link:

Once the new hard drive has been properly setup and is working with the My Cloud enclosure one can copy the user files from the old hard drive to the new one.