My Cloud sleep issues

I got a call from WD support tonight. They asked about the sleep issue. So I told him about
the different issues that cause the My Cloud to not sleep. After talking to him for about 15 minutes
he said that he was going to see what he could do for me. When he came back he offered to replace the My Cloud. I told him that I didn’t want a new disk that my disk was working fine. I also told him that the probelm is in the firmware. He then left again for a while and when he returned he offered to give me my money back. I told him I didn’t want my money back. Please just fix the firmware.


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I am still waiting for them to offer me to trade my 4TB Cloud and 4TB My Book for a 6TB refurbish Cloud and 6TB refurbish My Book :stuck_out_tongue: @Bill_S? after all I have been one of your best customer right? The last time tech support called me and they went off the phone, I thought “yes” this is it, thinking that they would say “I can offer you to trade your 4TB Cloud and My book for a refurbished 6TB Cloud and My Book”… but nope…

@rac8006, yeah I’ve been offered 3 times now to RMA my clouds and each time I told them to fix the firmware and I’ll keep my new cloud, thank you so much…

it is a totally different department, those who write code doesn’t know how badly that it affects the tech support group by having them RMA the clouds. The funny thing is that the same clouds that coming in are simply reformatted with the latest firmware and shipped out to the next RMA device.

All they needed to do is turn off scans (until user initiated) and none of the devices would ever need to be RMA’ed.

Sleep is secondary :stuck_out_tongue:

I mentioned to them that the latest linux has inotify as a standard feature. It aloows a program to have linux watch a folder or group of folders. When a file in the folder is created the program gets a notice that a new file has been added to the folder. This eliminates the need to rescan all the time. I’m pretty sure that went into the bit bucket.


bit bucket same as the “Cloud Ideas forum”

When you press the pedal, it says ‘your idea has been acknowledged’…

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Turn sleep OFF.

It’s virtually irrelevant. These modern drives can easily exceed 50,000 hours without an issue running full time non-stop. Why agonize over a useless option? In fact, all you are doing is adding to the response time for the 1st access after sleep, plus spending time on 3rd tier options when bigger fish are available to fry. :grinning:


{down off soapbox}

Well, at least for me the lifetime of the HDD isn’t a problem. But the energy consumption is. I mean you can’t say your product got an energy saver for economic reasons, which doesn’t work.

You must have been talking to WD as that is there response. It is true that these devices are designed to run 24/7. But why do we have to spin the disk 24/7 when we might be using the device 4 hours a day. That is like letting your car idle in the garage until you need it. Actually the disk is not sleeping is because the My Cloud is writing to the disk every minute.