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Non-techie needs some help please! I have enabled Plex on my My Cloud device but it will not connect in the Plex Server. My Cloud Home is showing as offline and i have an error that states " Plex unable to connect to My Cloud home securely". I cannot for the life of me find where i update the settings for this - when i click configure in My Cloud i just get taken to Plex and no specific area and there isn’t anything in settings to show where i could fix it. Any help much appreciated!

Do you have a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home device? They are not the same. The My Cloud Home is a completely different device than the My Cloud. If you have a My Cloud Home, see the dedicated subforum for that device.

My Cloud Home

It is not clear what you are attempting to do. One enables the Plex Media Server on their OS5 My Cloud device by installing the Plex app and then configuring the Plex Media Server. When configuring the Plex Media Server one creates Libraries where they link Shares, or folders, which contain the media they want to stream from Plex Media Server to Plex client apps.

If you haven’t done so already, search through the Knowledge Base link at top of page for Plex where one will find a number of articles covering Plex on both the My Cloud and My Cloud Home devices.

MyCloud, My Passport Wireless: Best Practices while using Plex Media Server

My Cloud: Install Plex App on Firmware 2.30.165 or Higher

For specific help with Plex see the website and it’s support articles and forums.