My cloud not seen in Time machine setup MAC 10.13

I bought a WD my cloud duo (6tb) to backup with time machine. Although i’m still unable to setup time machine because WD driver does not appear in the setup menu.

ANy hints on this issue! IT’s devastating realizing that I spend so much money uselessly…

Where can I get my cloud home IP address? thanks

I tried several times, with no sucess.
I can only reach the folder Public in my cloud server but it does not show anything inside; and trying to set up time machine still dont see my cloud availabe…

This shoud be my my cloud ip address: “mycloud-193413”
But when I search for it as suggested “afp://mycloud-193413”, I get the message there was a problem connecting… the server my not exist…

Any help on this, please!

Truly disappointed with WD my cloud home. Spent almost 400€ and can´t get my documents backed up automatically.
Time machine does not connect, contrary to what I’ve been said when I bought it an no efficiente sync app included. the sync app just works in one way without any rulling set up.
If I,for mistake, delete a document from my hard drive I will get it deleted on my cloud back up.

I wish I could return it to store, but it’s too late now!!!


If you use your MCH name (instead of IP address) the url should be afp://mycloud-xxxxxx.local/

WD support once requested me to activate AFP file sharing for the MCH to configure itself apparently.

Good luck.

Hi .

thanks for your help. I tried as you said but I still get the same message and it does not work.
Thanks anyway!
Hpe support can give me a light on this issue.


Did you actually try: afp://MyCloud-193413.local/ ? And then chosed “guest”?

If yes, you should try activating afp file sharing: pref system > sharing > file sharing > options > AFP

And then restart MCH.

Good luck

Yes, I did exactly like you say, but unfortunatly i get the same message. It even doesnt’ reach the point of selecting guest connection…
And I have the permissions ok: both smb and afp authorized

Did you restart both? What version are you running? Maybe you could try a reset if it is brand new.

Hi! Thanks for keep following this issue.
I restarted both, but didn’t work either.
About reseting, I didn’t tried because although it is brand new I just started using it for backing up cell phone and also vase two more accounts logged for my wife an son.
So, I guess I have to Back it up again in somewhere else before reset.

Meanwhile I was thinking if that could be the reason for that issue, I mean, being using it for different kinds of back up at the same time

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Hi there,
Same problem here and I completely share your feelings. Eventually we can figure this out together. Did you find a solution in the mean time?